Welcome to Spicy Oat Groove! (That is groove not grove)
This is a repository of some recipes I have made over the years. I find that I am always looking for certain recipes that I modified. Now they are available in one place.


My name is Stan Hammond and my day job is working in the information security field. But I like to cook and experiment. Consider this my hobby.


Kale and Cheddar Scones

First recipe! Kale and Cheddar Scones. This recipe is a mix of two different recipes, one from Milk Street Kitchen for a Savory Kale and Two-Cheese Scones (https://www.177milkstreet.com/recipes/savory-kale-two-cheese-scones) and one from Sally’s Baking Addiction for a master scone (https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/scones-recipe/). I took ideas from both used oat flour instead of regular flour and an apple cider …